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Friday, 24 May 2013


...Happy to share about my princess la-la land...

Mommy loves you so much Amalin Dania Tan. Mommy writes all sweet things about you in this blog wish someday you will read this when I am no longer be there for you to hug you and to tell you my story when I was young. 
How mommy treats you, how mommy cheer you up, how mommy pamper you and how you become the most beautiful princess mommy ever had....

Amalin Dania the very first bedroom. Special for you sayang.  Mommy decorates with so much love
Every time when I see cute things I will buy them for you because I believe
 you own all the cuteness in the world. 

Amalin Dania very first Barbie's collection.

Little-little sweet-pink things

You are prettier than Barbie in my eyes...

This is you when you are 5 years old follow mommy and grandma
go shopping

You are truly a nice and good girl

You love to take mommy photos

You don't like to wear skirt or dress when you are 5 years old but  mommy always force you...
Sorry sayang but you look sweet when you dress up like a girl//

When you ask for milk you will ask nicely with soft voice.

You are a smart girl.

Barbie things

Princess are every where... Amalin Dania princess towel..

Everywhere you go, mommy will stop taking your photos
because every moment  we spend together
is the best moment in my life...

Mommy always buy more than what you ask..
 Mommy loves you more than what you think.

Amalin Dania like to drink 'teh o ais'... Mommy favorite drink.

You act sweet, you walk sweet, you talk sweet. You are the sweetest girl.

Shopping brings us closer to each other. 

Little la-la girl of me.

Mommy never forget to celebrate your birthday sayang. 

It's YOU and everything about you...

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