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Friday, 24 May 2013


...Happy to share about my princess la-la land...

Mommy loves you so much Amalin Dania Tan. Mommy writes all sweet things about you in this blog wish someday you will read this when I am no longer be there for you to hug you and to tell you my story when I was young. 
How mommy treats you, how mommy cheer you up, how mommy pamper you and how you become the most beautiful princess mommy ever had....

Amalin Dania the very first bedroom. Special for you sayang.  Mommy decorates with so much love
Every time when I see cute things I will buy them for you because I believe
 you own all the cuteness in the world. 

Amalin Dania very first Barbie's collection.

Little-little sweet-pink things

You are prettier than Barbie in my eyes...

This is you when you are 5 years old follow mommy and grandma
go shopping

You are truly a nice and good girl

You love to take mommy photos

You don't like to wear skirt or dress when you are 5 years old but  mommy always force you...
Sorry sayang but you look sweet when you dress up like a girl//

When you ask for milk you will ask nicely with soft voice.

You are a smart girl.

Barbie things

Princess are every where... Amalin Dania princess towel..

Everywhere you go, mommy will stop taking your photos
because every moment  we spend together
is the best moment in my life...

Mommy always buy more than what you ask..
 Mommy loves you more than what you think.

Amalin Dania like to drink 'teh o ais'... Mommy favorite drink.

You act sweet, you walk sweet, you talk sweet. You are the sweetest girl.

Shopping brings us closer to each other. 

Little la-la girl of me.

Mommy never forget to celebrate your birthday sayang. 

It's YOU and everything about you...

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Mama, You're One In A Million

Dedicated to my mother Sabariah Bt. Awang.....

This entry is for mama, who went through a really hard time, she lost her mother when she was kid. She brought up seven children with her own styles and she believed on her heart the instinct all mother's should have. She only has husband by her side through laugh and sad. She is our guardian and the one who brought us into this world. I wanted her to know how much I love her. She's everything to me and I'm blessed that she is my MOTHER....Things haven’t been easy for her. We know she had a tough time the past 30 years. With one problem and another to make us survive. God knows and we know enough.

This is for you Mama. I knew how's your feeling when you wore my 
convocation robe.... Your daughter the-black-sheep in the family had made it mama. 

I was happy I could bring the smile to this old face on my graduation day.

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. 
She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.

You were there for me all the times. Mama, you're always close in my heart no matter how far we might be apart. You guided me to this happiness and I am proud to have you as the best mother I ever had. I could never repay to you because you're worth more than diamond and gold in the world. If I ever need you, your hand is there to hold.

You are my sunshine, without you my world is near to the end...

At times you’re so frustrated and you’re feeling rather low because of me but you never fail to cherish your family.
More than you will ever know, in my life you are my guide and you showed me right from wrong
You are my inspiration mama....You’re the music in my song.

A THANK YOU for you mama from deep of my heart. Now I become a mother. Adam Harith and Amalin Dania are so lucky to have you as their grandmother. Your spirit, love, thought and advises will be my ultimate teacher forever. Thank you mama for making me the person I've become. And through your loving guidance now I am a clone of you MAMA.

"We never know the love of the parent until we become parents ourselves" 
-Henry Ward Beecher

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Super Mommy....

A mother's role

My eldest son is 7 years old already and if I rewind my age on the past 7 years I was only 19 years old.
My life as a wife and mother begin as early as the figures can explain. No regret. I am happy for everything Allah granted to me. He knows best.

This is one of the reasons why I never regret become a mother at such a young age. I still can enjoy my life to the fullest.... I can complete my degree and I have a good job now... I learn to be more responsible from time to time with the knowledge I gained along the journey as a counseling student in Universiti Putra Malaysia.

My son grew up well. I can see he's so happy to call me mommy (young mommy) and sometimes he did say
he proud to have me as his mother. I still remember when we had a conversation on the bed before sleep, he said I really love my name mommy. ADAM HARITH. Since baby I wanted you to put this name for me. Hahahaha how sweet.

All parents will decide the best for their children. As my concern, study at SJKC (Chinese school) is 
tough for him so I hired a private tutor to teach him and his two Malay friends personally. 
My friend provides the place at her hotel in Tanah Rata. Even I have to wait around 2 hours there but nothing to sigh for because anything you do is paid off. 

As a mother do reward your children with something they like. If they like to eat at a 
fast food restaurant like KFC, McDonald or Marrybrown just take them once in a while. No point to reward them for something they don't like is it? It's an effort to strengthen the values you want to incalculate in their minds. 

At school he did the correction so that he will not repeat the same mistake. Try to apply this method at
home. If they did a mistake, ask them to correct it by themselves. In this situation, you must 
be more strict than usual. It shows that you are serious to punish them. Maybe they can't do it as good as you but as long as they try to be responsible, it's good enough for them.

You can scold your children if they did mistakes. You can use a sad voice to show your frustration 
with their attitude. Avoid using harsh and bad words because they will learn from you. 

Sit next to him when you ask them to do homework. If you feel boring
you can take their pics and update in your facebook or instagram which one make you feel
happy. When they see you around it will make them more focus. 

Celebrating your children's birthday is not a must but sometimes
they do want to feel celebrating their own birthday feeling. Not 
necessary for you to throw a big birthday party for them. A simple one will give 
the same kind of feeling to them.

My kids share the same birthday cake.

This moments will be the sweetest moment in their life when they grow up.

My children always want to sit in front with me in the car. Most of the time both of them will take place on my lap. It shows they are comfortable with you and they need more attention from you.
They like if you hug them, talk to them, tell them a joke and kiss them. 

If your husband is busy with his business you can take your kids out by your own, Don't stress the relationship between you and your husband because you need more time together.
As a super mommy you can give more to your children than your husband. So if you think you want to make them happy, yes you can but if you think you want to make YOURSELF happy the children will not 
see the joyful you try to bring.

Listen to their story even it's nonsense for you. If you give them respect and your valuable time now, 
one day they will do the same to you. Life is a circle. What you give, you get back.

Spend time with your daughter to share a girl's talk. Ask her about her friends or the trends at school.
Maybe you can ask how she likes to tie her hair. What color she love most. 
The things she wishes she can get. This will create a special bonding between you and your sweet girl..

Take a picture together with a happy face and funny styles will be a good investment in the future.
Time is precious. You can't get them once you lost them. When you want to flashback the happy times together, you just open your album and share the laugh again.

They are not perfect but in your eyes it won't be anything worth more than this.

At night is the best time to sit in a circle and you can
teach them reciting Al-Quran and teach them to pray.
This is not only a must lesson but it also can create a steong bonding 
between you and your kids...

Share your hobby with your children. You can encourage them 
to do the best in whatever they like not only excellent in their study.

Children are the most expensive gift was granted to me and 
I promised myself to take care of them as long as i breath...